The ideals of normality within the world and fashion are mere constructs. Constructs that need to be broken to push the human race forward – into absurdity, difference but most importantly acceptance. Dana Lock is a label that eradicates these constructs with heavy reference to subjects that shock and disturb modern train of thought – eliciting reaction to counteract social standards and taboos. This is an extremist label that investigates the human condition, the interplay between imprisonment and freedom and most importantly the beauty that can be found in the most grotesque of places – physical or imaginary. These key conceptual dogmas are brought forth via the introduction of the avant garde into daily life with sculptural silhouettes, unusual textures and consistent reference to traditional BDSM. Each collection is an individual story that builds to points of climax in the final looks. Not only showcasing the progression of the designer but the eventual progression of fashion and societal perceptions. Dana Lock is harsh yet empowering, eliciting the rawest form of vulnerability in the wearer via the ability to instigate change.